Kontiotuote Oy Turnover development in millions of euros




Kontio knows massive wood best in the world

The international Kontio brand stands for high-quality log construction. The product ideas, patents, solutions and innovations developed by Kontio, combined with modern log building architecture have contributed to the development of log construction all over the world. Kontio is today the leading log house company globally, number one both in terms of sales and manufacturing. Since 1970 Kontio has delivered more than 40,000 log buildings. Today Kontio exports buildings to more than 35 countries. The biggest export countries are Japan, Russia and France.

Outfitted with high-tech equipment, the factory of Kontio in Finland is the biggest in the world, and Kontio is the first log company in the world to use the robot technology. The strength of Kontio lies in the mastery and quality control of the whole process: Kontio professionals use the latest technology and engineering knowhow to refine timber from log to finished products. Kontio has been granted the European Technical Approval ETA, which together with the quality system enables the CE marking of houses.


Kontio is financially strong and reliable partner

The strong financial position of the Finnish company Kontiotuote Oy enables continuous and long-term investments in technology, quality and R&D. The Kontio brand is known as the quality leader of log construction. Kontio has significantly increased its market presence especially as a manufacturer of high-quality log buildings. Consistently high quality, stunning architecture, continuous and focused development efforts as well as in-depth log building expertise provide a solid foundation for growth and the Kontio brand. The Achiever certificate issued by the Balance Consulting reflects the financial strength and reliability of the company. 


The roots of Kontio

Kontio has its roots deep in northern forests, close to the Arctic circle, in the coniferous zone where wondrous pines, hundreds of thousands of lakes, harsh and beautiful landscapes, hot summers and arctically cold winters exist in a balanced symbiosis. In these conditions wood acquires properties which are ideally suited for log construction. Far up in the north, at the top of the world, wood construction has a tradition spanning over thousands of years. Even today traditional construction skills and naturally warm wood continue to provide the foundation for Kontio.

The name of Kontio is also rooted in the forest. Kontio is one of the aliases used for "bear", The King of Forest, in Finnish folklore.


Kontiotuote Oy is part of PRT-Forest Group

Kontiotuote Oy company belongs to the PRT-Forest Group.

The main lines of business of the Group are mechanical timber and construction material industries as well as prefabricated housing. The Group comprises Kontiotuote Oy, Lappli-Talot Oy, Jukkatalo Oy, Mellano Oy, Piklas Oy and PRT-Wood Oy.


Kontiotuote Oy in figures in 2016

Net turnover:  EUR 45,7 million 
Export:           EUR 7,8 million
Operating profit:  EUR 0,6 million 
Investment: EUR 0,6 million
Personnel in average:    209