From freedom of design comes elegance

SmartLog brings new designs for modern massive wood architecture. Extremely versatile in its use, the SmartLog fulfills the wishes for great design. SmartLog allows the flexible combination of building materials, without losing the beneficial properties of massive wood. Minimal details of modern design and big glass openings are characteristic building blocks for SmartLog houses.


Higher state of healthy living

Kontio Arctic Pine™ growing in the North is well-known for its health benefits for both the residents and the building. In a healthy house, Arctic Pine balances the moisture content of room air on the optimal level, making it easy to breathe, but difficult e.g. for viruses and fungi to live in. SmartLog structures and houses are safe in terms of building physics and moisture safety. Wood has a mind-calming effect and is an acoustically pleasant material. Studies show that in a massive wooden space the heart is beating at a lower rate and stress is reduced.

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Best of all: a low-energy house for the arctic climate 

Kontio log houses originate from cold Northern conditions close to the Arctic Circle. Our energy solutions are designed to perform in extreme conditions. SmartLog structures with their massive non-settling load-bearing logs and ecological insulation are an optimal solution for modern low-energy buildings. SmartLog low-energy home is a good investment for the future.


Make the ecological choice

Kontio houses are built from the same kind of wood material than the hundreds of years old log houses. Arctic pine has a high share of heartwood that is extremely durable and weather resistant. This enables a long lifespan for Kontio log buildings, which is the basis for the highest ecological values. The carbon footprint is also very low due to carbon stored in growing trees and, after cutting and processing, in massive wooden structures. Carbon stored in an average Kontio house equals carbon dioxide emissions of 400 000 km driving with a car. New forests are growing according to the standards of sustainable forestry and PEFC forest certification principles.


Woodhow™ always a step ahead

SmartLog is a result of 40 years of R&D and engineering knowhow in massive wood – Kontio Woodhow™. SmartLog represents a new dimension in timber construction: we have moved from settling and shrinking logs to non-settling structural ones. These large logs consist of calibrated Arctic Pine lamellas, laminated in several cross-folds to obtain durable loadbearing elements. The new SmartLog concept has all the advantages of solid wood, durability, healthy living, load-bearing, and fire behavior.

Kontio studies the projects before starting precise machining, taking into account the planned openings for windows, doors, advanced joints and hidden electrical feed-throughs for cables. SmartLog is fully engineered and prefabricated at the factory, ready to be installed into a great long-lasting high-design house.