Kontio logs are equipped with leading innovations like a laminated log profile with a double sealing solution, visually superior jointing technology, design corner types and Kontio SmartLog™, new low-energy product utilising the innovative non-settling log. More than 40 years of continuous R&D and engineering know-how is weaved into our products. The total quality of every Kontio house is the sum of engineering knowhow and the best components. Kontio Arctic Pine™ as raw material forms a solid foundation for durable and healthy homes.



Kontio Arctic Pine™ - ideal for healthy and durable log houses

Kontio uses genuine arctic pine as raw material. This wood grows in natural Nordic forests close to the Arctic Circle. The trees use clean air and the soil of pure northern nature to grow healthily. Arctic pine has on average tight growth rings, which makes it the most durable construction material for log housing.

200-300 year old log houses were built from the same kind of arctic pine material. Beautiful old log churches, manor houses and merchants´ houses still seen in Finnish towns are in great condition. Kontio log houses continue this tradition of durability and healthy living, with added innovations for modern living comfort and design.



Long-lasting buildings from heartwood

Buildings made of Kontio Arctic Pine are long-lasting in demanding end uses and tough climates, because of the higher share of heartwood in the material. Heartwood is the darker inner part of a tree trunk and has enhanced resistance against water penetration and weather stresses.

The short growing season in the North makes the Arctic pine grow slowly. Slow growth in its turn results in a higher share of heartwood when compared to trees growing in the South.

Kontio utilises the state-of-the-art laminated log technology, where the heartwood of Kontio Arctic Pine™ is turned to the log surfaces. This ensures the best resistance to weather and long-term durability for the house.



Log selection for different uses and styles

From the Kontio collection of rectangular laminated logs you will find the one fitting your needs. The selection of log type is defined by the desired look and style, purpose of the house and the climatic conditions.

Laminated logs are available in large sizes up to 275x275 mm for the largest buildings or to give an impressive look for your house. Laminated logs are well suited for different styles from classic to modern.



Laminated log innovations ensure warm and durable home

We have been pioneers to develop the laminated log profile with an integrated double sealing system. The state-of-the-art system has been developed and tested in our R&D laboratory with equipment for air and water tightness. This is crucially important for an energy efficient and durable house.

The laminated logs are laminated from several pieces of Kontio Arctic Pine™ timber, which ensures dimensional stability and thus a high visual quality and warmness inside the house.

High-tech engineered wood glue is utilised in lamination. The durability of the lamination is tested as part of the quality system. The tough delamination test is said to equal 40 years of normal weather resistance to logs. The lamination technique is safe with no harmful VOC emissions. The laminated logs are moisture permeable, meaning that they “breath moisture´, which is important for healthy living and durability.


Design and high-tech corners

Kontio log corners and joints are developed by in-house R&D with more than 40 years of knowhow. The innovations of the corners and sealing systems have been tested in our own laboratory for tightness and durability. The corners have a big effect on the style of the house. In addition to the long log corner we offer a shorter and modern City corner and a Dovetail or Tyrol corner.  



Joints of high visual quality

A special lamella jointing technique is used in Kontio laminated logs. This creates a visually high quality in logs compared to the normal finger jointing technique with all the “fingers" visible. In the Kontio technology the joint line is straight and a limited number of fingers is visible only on the top part of the log.


Stylish design through dimensional accuracy

The state-of-the-art wood machining technology ensures the prime quality of the building components of each Kontio Log house. Dimensional accuracy is important for good details and the visual quality of the house. Accuracy influences also the tightness for warmness and energy saving. We utilise the most modern technology, even robot machining. High-quality wood drying with low and even moisture content of the wood is another important factor in terms of good dimensional accuracy. Our experienced personnel and the quality system covering the whole production process ensure the total quality of every Kontio house.