Kontio Arctic Pine™ wood cells breathe for your wellbeing. (photo by Pekka Saranpää/Metla).







The Kontio Healthy Living™ programme involves healthy indoor air, stress-relieving and healing properties, safe antibacterial Kontio Arctic Pine™ material, comfortable acoustics and the most ecological house. Wellness and healthy living are the main objective in every Kontio house.

Healthy living is the main focus in our R&D work, which covers more than 40 years of knowhow. We work in close co-operation with leading research institutes and experts.

The latest research project Kontio experts are taking part in is restorative enivronments. Restorative here means a healing and healthy environment. Connection with nature is proven to be important for human wellbeing. In urban areas and when staying indoors we do not have enough connection to nature. Massive natural wood inside the house is proven to have the same healing and restorative effects as connection with nature. Stress relief, a lower blood pressure and a lower heart beat rate are the restorative health effects of living in a log home made of Kontio Arctic Pine wood that comes from clean forests.


Healthy indoor air is the basis for healthy living

Indoor air quality concerns everyone, as we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. According to research, Kontio Log House has exceptionally good indoor air. Logs create a safe and healthy microclimate in a building by efficiently balancing the heat and moisture fluctuation in room air. The massive wood of Kontio Arctic Pine™ logs has a natural capacity to absorb moisture when air is too humid, and to release moisture when air humidity goes below the optimal level, thus maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

The breathing of Kontio logs ensures that the indoor air humidity remains within the optimal range for human health (between 30 to 55 % relative humidity) for a much longer period than in normal houses. Outside the optimal humidity range the amount and mobility of dust, viruses and bacteria in indoor air considerably increase, often leading to health problems such as respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, exhaustion and headache.


Comfortable temperature all year round

A Kontio Log house provides comfortable living in all seasons because massive logs even out temperature variations. The house stays cool in summer and agreeably warm in winter. During autumn and spring solid walls collect and store energy from the sunlight in the northern hemisphere, where the sun shines at a low angle.


Naturally antibacterial

A Kontio log house is a healthy living environment also because of the natural antibacterial properties of wood. Kontio Arctic Pine™ wood growing in the North has a built-in defence mechanism against harmful microbes and fungi; therefore, bacteria do not like living on wooden surfaces.

Living in a log house might also ease respiratory problems since a solid log surface prevents build-up of dust and other particles. A smooth log surface is easy to keep clean.


Pleasant acoustics create peaceful atmosphere

A Kontio Log House forms an excellent acoustical space with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Massive log walls diffuse sound, while maintaining all tones and blending them without an echo or distortion.

Good acoustics of an interior space mean both silence and accurate sound reinforcement, depending on the purpose of the space. Good acoustics affect people positively by improving their ability to concentrate and thus learn and work efficiently.

User experience from the new childcare centre in Pudasjärvi, Finland, speaks strongly on behalf of the excellent acoustics of Kontio Log Houses. The space of 1,300 square metres has been divided into six departments, and it offers a daily playground for a total of about 100 children. The feedback has been very positive, says the Director of the childcare centre: “Without exception, every visitor has pointed out how the log walls seem to eliminate noise. We have large groups of children here, and still the rooms feel peaceful."


Safe and healthy building material

The building material of Kontio Log houses is clean, safe and healthy. In terms of emission classification of building materials, log belongs to the best M1 class. The M1 label shows that the product is found to be safe. Wooden materials like log do not release hazardous particles or chemical fumes in the air. The safety of log houses has also been tested in real life, for centuries.

Kontio Arctic Pine™ wood raw material is harvested from clean natural Finnish forests. The pure natural raw material forms the foundation for healthy homes and the Kontio Healthy Living™ programme.